Even Rose Gold


A model inspired by inclusion. A design based on curved shapes where inclusion is manifested through the union of concentric circles in red, black or white, along with the gold or silver base. Even is a way of seeing the world, far from racial barriers, physical or health limitations, economic differences or opportunities, and gender or sexual orientation. Even are sunglasses for those who want to see a different world. Their design features a piece at the end of the temple that symbolizes a connection between aesthetics and rationality, a connection between sight and hearing as channels that we must open up so that with our commitment, we can help others who lack these senses to begin enjoying a better world.

  • MustHave Polarized Lenses with level-3 protection, ideal for outdoor activities with intense sun.
  • High-strength and lightweight metal frame.
  • Lenses with an anti-break system.
  • Includes packaging for transport.
  • Includes special edition cloth for cleaning and storing.