Next Round Parrot


A design made for those who don’t like waiting, for those who look to the future with a true #SuccessGeneration attitude, for those who make things happen. This is a model with futuristic lines, full of design. It includes a one-piece lens in which ultra-lightweight materials are combined with extraordinary resistance. In essence, it is undoubtedly a daring, uninhibited design that knows what it wants. It’s the future, the next step, what you’re looking to do, what you want to achieve.

  • Sunglasses with All-Lens System.
  • Lenses with level-3 total protection: ideal for outdoor activities with intense sun.
  • Mirrored lenses with an anti-break system. Frame made of high-strength, lightweight polycarbonate.
  • Lenses have undergone a mirror coating treatment in specific tones that give your vision a surprising flash effect that enhances colours.